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  • Got your grocery list?

    We have the packaging you’re looking for

    The grocery store—where brands go head-to-head, vying for shelf space and consumer attention. It’s where customers make split-second decisions, reaching for the packaging that catches their eye and sparks their emotions. Packaging that will keep food fresh, that’s resealable and just the right size. Packaging that tells the brand’s story in an authentic, innovative and irresistible way. It’s not a place for the faint of heart. And it’s where we excel. From packaging ideation and rapid prototyping to award-winning digital printing to innovative closures, tactile materials and commanding display options, we’ll help you win the grocery aisle. Check us out and you’ll see that APC is the packaging partner you’re looking for.

    • Our Centers of Excellence in New York, Iowa and Wisconsin use state-of-the-art APC HPE FlexoTM, rotogravure and digital printing methods and streamlined processes for fast execution and an immediate impact
    • High-performance adhesive and extrusion laminations provide optimal product protection and package integrity
    • High-gloss and/or matte lacquer
    • Holographic materials
    • Randomized printing
    • Personalization of each package
    • Interactive packaging
    • Digital watermarks
    • Promotional coupons
    • Proof-of-purchase stickers
    • Backside printing of games and sweepstakes
    • Thermochromatic inks
    • Natural surfaces
    • Soft-touch and tactile surfaces
    • Shaped pouches
    • Dial in required barriers and performance needs with a stable of robust and protective technologies
    • Optimal transparency appearance to showcase the product
    • Laser scoring for vents or convenient opening
    • Product protection with clear and opaque barriers
    • Anti-fog coatings
    • Reclose mechanisms
    • Easy opening features
    • Hang holes
    • Multi-compartments


    We’re independently owned, with localized decision making, shorter lead times, and a nimble, lean approach to manufacturing. This is why we’re able to quickly get your product to market, giving you the competitive advantage while maintaining the highest quality and strictest brand standards.

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    At APC, protecting the environment and ensuring the health and safety of our employees is at the core of everything we do and every decision we make. Everyone in the APC family has a responsibility to ensure our operations and products meet applicable government and APC standards, always aligning with whichever is more stringent. Our goal is to prevent adverse environmental impacts by reducing waste and emissions and eliminating all preventable health impacts and injuries to our employees.

    We’re committed to supplying safe products that exceed customer quality requirements.

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